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Dentures: more than just a smile

There’s nothing more beautiful in life than to smile, but a genuine smile is not easy when you are embarrassed by your teeth, or lack of teeth. Why let your smile suffer when Petone Dental Laboratory will endeavour to provide you with the best fitting dentures on the market? After all, seeing a patient who has been transformed by new or re-lined dentures is the payback we strive for.

More than a smile

Having good quality, well-fitting dentures not only gives you back your smile, but they offer facial support; giving a more aesthetically pleasing look and better phonetic control. Your favourite meals will be more enjoyable and the dentures can help prevent bone loss. With greater aesthetics and function, chrome cobalt partial dentures or full dentures can give a back a greater quality of life.

Chrome cobalt

There have been many changes in dentures throughout the years, each change trying to improve on uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and aesthetically not-so-pleasing false teeth. Today, the use of chrome cobalt has been an improvement on acrylic dentures; offering a thinner, stronger framework. Whether it is a chrome cobalt partial denture or a full set, Petone Dental Laboratory provides top quality work from Steve Russell, an experienced and registered clinical technician.

Petone Dental Laboratory

Offering industry-leading services and results, direct to the patient for over 40 years, and using the best quality materials, Petone Dental Laboratory provides full and partial dentures, as well as re-lining existing dentures. Making the best, top quality dentures takes time, planning, skill, and attention to detail; Steve is an industry professional who takes pride in his work and stand by his product and services.

So, for high quality chrome cobalt partial dentures in the Wellington area, look no further than Petone Dental Laboratory. With Steve Russell’s help, you can have a better quality of life and get back your smile.

Steve Russell

Clinical Dental Technician

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