About Us


Petone Dental Laboratory is a provider of High quality Full and partial dentures and occlusal splints operated by Steve Russell registered Clinical Dental Technician with 45 years’ experience keen to provide the same high-quality service as previously available at Pryor Dental Laboratories.

Petone Dental's Philosophy

What many dentists and patients don't realise is the restorative potential of a well-made denture. By preserving occlusion; providing aesthetics, facial support and phonetics, protecting against bone loss and restoring mastication, a denture can dramatically affect the patient’s quality of life.

We endeavour to provide the best fitting dentures with excellent aesthetics and function, within a reasonable time frame, with the best materials.

I am now providing Digital partial dentures that are 3D printed in high quality pure Cr Co alloy, designed by me on the computer and printed by AMS at Callaghan innovation, Seaview.

Absolute state of the art, thinner, lighter, stronger

Good things take time, like good wine, good dentures require time, skill, care and planning, and attention to detail to achieve a top-quality result.

A typical treatment program for Full upper & lower dentures would be:


Consultation and Examination with quotation given.

Tissue treatment if required, referral to third party specialist if required


Impressions, bite registration and tooth selection, a photo of a time when you had your own natural dentition would be helpful at this time.


We will try in the completed setup so you can see what it will look like, this is the time you can have input or give approval for completion.


Fitting and checks to make sure everything is correct and satisfactory, and it’s all yours.

Follow up appointments for any issues or pressure points can be made at any time.

A typical treatment program for a digital Cr Co partial denture is:


CConsultation and examination, estimate given, referral for Oral health check by a dentist as required, Primary impressions taken to manufacture custom impression trays to fit your mouth, shade taken.


Working impression taken with your custom tray.

Discussion about the proposed design, try in of set-up for aesthetics and shade check. Firm Quotation given.


Partial metal frame manufactured, set-up transferred to frame.


After your approval, we will finish your partial appliance within the next day or two.


At the fitting appointment a thorough assessment of the fit and function is made, and any minor adjustments required are carried out.

With your high quality dental appliance, we provide a complimentary denture brush instruction pamphlet, a 4 month supply of a commercial denture cleaner and a commitment to provide a backup service for minor adjustments that may be required.

Every procedure is carried out in our own purpose-built facility, under our own quality control standards.

We use and recommend Mondial Premium teeth.

We are confident that we supply a top-quality product using top quality materials and techniques, to a high degree of customer satisfaction.



Clinical Dental Technician