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Erin. J

Hello Steve

To let you know how pleased I am with my new set of dentures. They fit so well, I didn’t take them out for nearly 3 days – I remembered I needed to clean them!!

I’m in my 70’s and have had dentures since I was 21. Ive had sets made for me in several countries around the world. This set are The Best Ive had.

I’m so used to taking at least the lower plate out every night, which I didn’t do with my new set as they were so comfortable.

Several weeks later, I still sleep with them in because they are still so comfortable. I’m surprised at this because I know the bone structure has receded so much, it must be quite a challenge to build a set for me.

The bonuses are that my facial appearance, and smile, have also been made more attractive.

I will have no hesitation to return to you for a new set (in my 80s). I’m very aware how important it is in those latter years to eat our food well for nutrition.

Thank you so much, Steve

In appreciation,