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Max. W

I believe I got to know you and your lab only because I was blessed. As you are aware I’m a special case, someone having undergone orthodontic treatment twice and suffering persistent and serious teeth grinding at night. It’s not a surprise I’ve seen many dentists (including those with professor title advising PhD candidates) but it was for the first time from you I heard of a convincing explanation of its probable cause which itself was a relief to me. No double, also, I’ve made countless bite sprinters (they have been costly) but it was only when I met you that there was now a person with genuine understanding of the pain of, and empathy for, a patient like me. It was you who took the time looking into it and took action to source the specialist materials available best suitable to me so for the first time, I was able to have sprinters that were more durable than I ever had. For me, the cost is only a part of the pain, it’s the constant change and need for my adaptation to new splinters that’s the most.

In short, I would like to say thank you, Steve.

Cheers Max